About Us

Established in 2019.

With over 10 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist specializing in early childhood mental health, Dr. Jessie Lowell and her husband, Jonathan Lowell, who has over 20 years in child education and administration, knew how to support the mental health and development of their growing family, but struggled to find ways to socialize and build a community for themselves and their little one. Kids learn from other kids and parents need other parents. These opportunities for interaction are not always easy to find and the Lowells wanted to bridge the gap in our community. Together they created a space for families to grow and thrive during those important first 5 years of a child’s life. Come grow with us!

Our Building Blocks

Development – Strengthen social, communication, physical, and cognitive skills in young children through play with others. 

Relationships – Enhance caregiver-child relationships through quality time and interaction with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities.

Community – Build community through opportunities for caregivers to engage with others, find support, and be a support. 

Knowledge – Expand knowledge about the first five years through parent education workshops, groups, classes, resources, and referrals. 

Mental Health – Improve mental health by providing space for your child to play in a clean and safe environment while you relax with old and new friends.

The Owners

Jessie Lowell, PsyD –

Childhood sets the foundation of who we become, and the investment we put into our children pays off when they become psychologically healthy adults, which I expect is your ultimate goal as a parent. Utilizing a relationship- and strengths-based approach, my practice is focused on working with children and their families to enhance all areas of development during these critical years in your child’s life. Whether you have concerns about your child’s development and/or behavior, or if you just want to enrich their social, relational, and emotional growth, I would love to partner with you on this journey of parenthood.

I specialized in assessment and intervention for the birth to 5 population through an internship at CHLA and a fellowship at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. My expertise is with high-risk infants and children including foster and adoptive families, treating early trauma and adverse life events, and addressing the effects of prenatal trauma and exposures.

Being a parent is challenging. Whether you or your child are experiencing issues such as fertility struggles, feeding or behavioral difficulties, grief, developmental delays, or you simply desire to improve your parenting techniques or foster a stronger relationship with your child, I offer individual, family, or parent-child sessions to support your needs.

Jonathan Lowell, MA, MS –

One’s education is the embodiment of the individual. It cannot not be simply corralled around the idea that an institution is the only place that trains an individual. Which brings me to the point that I am a life longer learner… life being the educator. One of the greatest areas of educating an individual is the investment made. My master thesis was looking at the idea of the impact of parent involvement within their child’s education. My research showed that children have a higher achievement in their academics and relationships when there is a parent involved in his/her education.

Growing up I had to overcome hurdles that tried to limit my potential. One obstacle was not understanding why I struggled in my academics until the end of sixth grade when my parents had me tested and found out I was dyslexic. With the help of my teachers and family I was able to identify what worked within my academic success.

I have been involved with education and educational administration over the past 20 years. Teaching has been a great reward especially when I have witnessed the success of my former students from elementary and middle school go on to become doctors, teachers, military personnel, fashion designer and more. As an educator I not only focus on developing a relationship with the student, but the parent(s) as well. This is where I have seen the greatest success not only with the child but open communication about the growth of the student.